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To the warm water separator common small fault

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To the warm water separator common small fault

At present, the market to warm water separator common small fault which?

The common faults of the manifold are the following two points:

1, to warm is not hot

The water collector is not hot, that is, hot water is not home; if the above water separator, the following water collector is not hot, then the front of the heat meter may be caused by the filter block caused.

2, to warm overheating

Generally recommended to warm the water temperature should not exceed 65 ℃, to warm room temperature control at 22 ℃ or so, overheating temperature to the life of the warm pipe have a certain impact, while reducing the use of warm comfort. In addition, the Jialida floor warm water separator prompts you to heat as long as not at home, for

The energy saving, through the home of the main control valve for flow control, appropriate to reduce the indoor temperature, but not fully closed, to prevent the hot and cold shrinkage caused by the interface of the water leakage.

For the user, as long as the warm water to know the principle of failure, the basic can be manually excluded, do not need to spend extra money to ask people to repair. Of course, fixed maintenance dredge cleaning is necessary.

In summary: If the user is not warm to meet the situation, there may be gas pipeline, need to exhaust; or water cycle is relatively slow, need to add circulating pump, especially the top floor of the user, must be equipped with circulating pump; Is to warm the installation problem. To warm the heating is basically a more common problem of centralized heating, most of today's users will choose to use warm mixed water cooling system to solve this problem, and Jie Lida mixed water cooling system is the industry's most advanced, most intelligent and most efficient equipment , Has been in the country to promote sales. Water separator, sub-catchment, to warm water

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