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Jie Lida share, sub-catchment, to warm the water s

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Sub-sump is in the floor heating system, used to connect the heating main water supply pipe and return pipe device, divided into two parts of the water separator and water collector. Water separator manufacturers, the following to introduce you to the use of warm water separator skills.

1. Exposed pipe at the manifold should try to avoid contact with organic solvents, such as: alcohol, gasoline, paint, asphalt and so on.

2. Manual exhaust valve on the manifold: The user can discharge the gas in the pipeline to ensure that the heating water in the whole pipeline flows normally.

3. Drain valve at the front of the water separator: the user can be in the end of the annual heating season or during the blockage of the heating, the sewage pipe at the bottom of the sewage network removed after cleaning installed to ensure that the pipeline clean and smooth, to prevent clogging.

4. Water divider can be divided into control of each room (or area) heating temperature, such as: the water diverter on any way around the core valve closed half, then the water heating room temperature will be reduced.

The above is on the water separator manufacturers - to warm the use of water tips, I hope to read after you help, if you have other questions you want to consult can contact us.

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