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[Water separator] manufacturing fine, excellent fu

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    TrapNot only good material, fine manufacturing, but also have a good use of the function, to meet the system of hydraulic balance, the role of energy mediation
    Advantages of the manifold:
     1, the quality advantage, the choice of high quality environmentally friendly brass material, brass and nickel plating, anti-corrosion pressure. The use of large-scale equipment for a whole hot forging molding, in charge and branch pipe seamless connection, no leakage. Products of each process Seiko secret agents for strict control, 100% ultrasonic test box test pressure.
     2, technical advantages, the use of German technology and equipment, a processing completed, product concentricity, parallelism and high precision.
     3, process advantages to cut-off process structure, can automatically discharge scale, keep the water flow. The spool is made of copper and copper with a high degree of hard seal, permanently without replacement parts.
     Water divider: shape audit nice, novel and chic, thermostat handle marked obvious, simple and flexible operation.

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