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[Water separator] heating pipe for the return of w

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    TrapIs the water system, used to connect the heating pipe for each way, back to the water with, water collection device. Press into the water into the water separator, water collector. So called the water separator. To warm, air conditioning system used in the water separator material should be copper or brass, tap water supply system table transformation with water for the PP or PE material. For the return of water are set exhaust valve, a lot of water for the return of water also has a drain valve. Water supply front should be set "Y" type filter. Water supply pipes shall be provided with valves to adjust the size of the water.
   Water separator commonly used in: 1, floor heating system, sub-catchment management of a number of branch pipeline, and installed in its above the exhaust valve, automatic thermostatic valve, generally more copper. 2, air conditioning water systems, or other industrial water systems. 3, the use of water supply system, the use of water to effectively avoid the water management management loopholes, centralized installation, management of water meters, and with single-pipe multi-channel use to reduce the cost of pipe procurement, but also greatly reduces the construction time, The efficiency of the.

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