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【Geothermal water separator】 to warm into the tens

time:2017-02-22 hit:3607

  Geothermal water separatorHas entered the tens of thousands of households, in the decoration, because the use of the warm, many people will take into account the floor will not affect the life of the floor, if the use of tiles is not there will not exist these problems? The following is the ground heating is a good tile or shop wood flooring is good this problem analysis.
1, for the insulation performance: the floor of the indoor temperature insulation has advantages, the wood floor heat capacity relative to the larger tiles, slow heating, cooling is also slow, small floor heat capacity, heating up fast, cooling fast, especially in the absence of heating Near the winter of spring or autumn and did not open when the warm winter, the ground gives the feeling will be very cold; therefore, in the insulation on the floor to be better than the floor.
     2, for the visual senses: In general, the floor of the color, softness is more soft, gives the affinity is very good, and tiles are giving a more blunt feeling.
     3, for safety and comfort: floor hardness is relatively weaker than the tiles, so if the home has naughty lively children and mobility of the elderly, it is best to use the floor, because the floor can reduce the elderly and children fall and touch Rub a small family accident. And then there is a damping under the floor moisture-proof pad, so feet comfortable, tiles hard and inelastic, comfortable as the floor.

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