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2015 China to warm industry: "toss" in t

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2015 China to warm industry: "toss" in the transition
     Although the recent introduction of real estate favorable policies, but the rapid development of China 's real estate industry is not a good time to go back. And the real estate industry is closely related to China to warm industry, is suffering from the real estate market downturn brought heavy pressure. Especially in the north to engineering-based warm company, the problem of survival in 2015 more prominent. The following is the 2015 China's warm industry development trend analysis:
    National Bureau of Statistics latest data show that in 2014, the national real estate development investment of 9503.6 billion yuan, the growth rate than in 2013 dropped 9.3 percentage points. In 2014, the national real estate development enterprise land acquisition area of 333.83 million square meters, down 14.0% over the previous year. Zhang Chunli is expected in 2015 the northern real estate industry in the overall development area, development speed, the actual sales may also show a downward trend, the funds will be more slowly return, which will increase the warmth of the enterprise project and financial risk. And the sinister market environment is bound to accelerate the "mismanagement, lack of cash flow capacity, lack of talent serious, single product, weak competitiveness," the warmth of the business to close the pace.
    Industry reshuffle pain is inevitable, but some experts pointed out that this "pain" is benign - long-term development of the industry is a good thing. She said that after the reshuffle, the overall market trend will be "there is precipitation, system, strength, market credibility," the "four have" high-quality enterprises focused on the same time will be refined, intensive, systematic "three "The direction of development:
One is fine. The next few years will be the North to warm business from the "traditional" to "diverse" evolution stage. At this stage, the traditional warm space to the development of the market is still there. Such as Jinchao Electrical and Mechanical where the Changchun market, with the influx of foreign personnel, is bound to lead the rigid demand for real estate market in Changchun, which will undoubtedly increase the future to warm the market space. However, at this stage, to warm the enterprise should take the fine road to deal with a variety of risks, and for future business transformation and upgrading to pave the way.
Second is intensive. Taking Jinchao Electromechanical as an example, in response to the decline in real estate development area and the market contraction situation, Jinchao Electromechanical has adopted the principle of "setting up today's gold tide plan strategy with tomorrow's industry trend", and the choice of project partners is more rational And cautious. "Optimize the strength, integrity, the pursuit of front-line real estate business cooperation, adhere to the market benchmarking, the resources, capital, capital comprehensive and balanced, in the project, industry, industry, three-dimensional space for a solid market development."
   Third is systematic. In the past to the north to warm the main business is to warm the construction of the installation of "hard work, tired children." But in the future, with the integration of cold and warm system and comfortable home rigid demand, will force the North to warm business transformation, upgrade.
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