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China 's heating to see the factory to clean up to

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By the warmth of the monthly organization of China's heating to see the factory in April 27, 2015 to Zhejiang Jie Lida inspection guidance, the company's in-depth understanding of the company.

       9 o'clock in the morning, the view of the group members arrived in the company, the company leadership to go out to meet. We are divided into two teams, into the Jie Lida plant to visit, a team led by the general manager of Ms. Chen Haihuan, with the team members have production minister Fang Zhiru, quality minister Ding Hua Jiao, sales outstanding salesman Feng Haijia. Two team chairman Mr. Li Yunhai led, with the team staff director Li Donghai, technical minister Wang Zhanfang, sales of outstanding sales staff Tian Feng. Guan factory members first came to our cutting workshop, see a long copper rod, and instantly become a section of production in line with the requirements of the copper material. With the movement of copper material line of sight, watch the company members went to the forging workshop, saw the burning of the red copper was moved to 500 tons of punch, what became rough. Rough work to lose weight, cut the extra side material, was pulled down the finishing workshop.

With the pace of movement, the delegation came to the second floor of the factory finishing workshop, saw a Taiwan heavy machine, in the hands of the workers master freely, accompanied by moving. Made a root finely divided water pipe. Members are out of their own mobile phone, the camera took the scene of this scene. The most amazing place is undoubtedly the third floor of the assembly workshop, all the different parts of the assembly workers assembled into a set of delicate and practical water separator. Guan factory members for the assembly of the assembly line, marking, test pressure, packaging are one by one to understand.



Out of the factory, the members of the factory group members visited the laboratory of Jie Lida, inspector Jiang Jiongbing in the laboratory to do the experiment, with the team members of the experimental content of a detailed explanation, so that members are more in-depth understanding of the value of the experiment The Members are also interested in the results of the test, and some also recorded the whole process, so that later explained with the customer. With the team staff for the laboratory equipment in turn made the introduction, so that the importance of the experiment deep into the minds of members.


    Jie Lida's building automation workshop is the most magic weapon of Jialida's possession. With the team staff to detail it and solemnly introduced to the members. A line of lines, a Taiwan rolling machine to attract the attention of members of the eye. Desktop placed on the neat mixed water cooling system is to let the members shines, beautiful surface, exquisite assembly, orderly arrangement, is undoubtedly the biggest bright spot. The staff also its performance, principles, a detailed explanation, it became the hearts of members of the new darling.


Browse the workshop and lab of Jolida, and the members are looking forward to the sample room. Here is the epitome of the company, it is the image of the company. The sample room displays a delicate and beautiful water separator, and the whole process is moved in, allowing members to reinforce the image of the Jialida water separator. Attracting members of the eye and the sample room section and flat material, allowing members to more intuitive understanding of the internal structure of the water separator and toughness. However, the sample room also has a new darling - to warm the integrated system, it is quietly waiting for members to give it pictures, of course, it is also very good with the Oh.

         Finally the members came to the conference room, in this minor rest, add energy. Ms. Chen Haihuan, general manager of the welcome speech, but also to the excellent team to introduce the benefits of the members, it is because they have a Jie Lida today. Subsequently, Chairman Li Yunhai speech, Lee's literary style people are impressed, Lee always used poetry to express the mood at the moment: "It is Jiangnan good scenery, falling season and Feng Jun" so that members feel very kind, like Old friends meet. Next, Chen has done a total of PPT to explain the members to see and then through the text more in-depth explanation, the Jialida three advantages, 7A management system more detailed and more comprehensive analysis, the Jie Li Da was deeply imprinted on the minds of the members. There are applause here, but more is the members of the Czech Republic's recognition and support!














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