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CCTV rumor to warm

time:2017-02-23 hit:2946

CCTV rumor to warm The

    In today's China's economic market, layoffs seem to be an infectious disease, circulated in all walks of life. Even in the petrochemical, Vanke, IBM and other areas of the leaders are bursting of the layoffs of the news, and in the past has been a lot of talent is hard to find people (to warm) heating industry also began layoffs, indeed beyond everyone's accident The But there is a lot of reasons.

    Since the end of 2014 CCTV CCTV "focus interview" column reporter in the seventh China to warm the comfortable home design and construction contest finals during the interview to warm the industry-related leaders, experts, to clarify the network rumors to warm six major hazards, and then CCTV CCTV focus interview In the evening of March 21 officially broadcast, has been nearly six months time.

    In the past nearly a year, the warm people do not know how much saliva wasted to the customer to explain the warm no harm to the question, the heart of the pain and helpless only warm to know. It is conceivable that when the March 21 "focus interview" once broadcast, the whole warm industry are exploded, WeChat friends circle was screen, the network was scrapped. Some people say that CCTV CCTV to warm the name, playing a beautiful victory.


However, after the joy, more is meditation. An unwritten rule corresponding to tell the entrepreneur how to do a warm company.

     First, to warm the industry first to self-discipline. Self-discipline is to warm the industry itself to self-discipline, the upstream manufacturers to achieve excellent product quality, integrators to standardize the construction, standardize the service, not to "bad guys" slander to warm up opportunities.

     Second, the cold and warm, a variety of end of the big convergence is the trend, competing products, brother products / industry is not necessary to engage in your life and death. According to the China Radiation Heating and Cooling Committee Network Department Director Zhang Kecheng interview with the focus of the column revealed that the incident may be due to the spread of individual products caused by malicious business, but we also note that the network is similar to competing products without science According to the non-standard transmission there are many. In the owners, distribution integrators have to accept the trend of large convergence, the upstream manufacturers should be more inclusive, or expand the business unit.


Third, to warm the industry to promote their own norms. For example, a few days ago China Daily Network has such a news, the title is "to warm non-toxic ... ...", unknown business owners read, but also thought to warm is toxic, look at its guide, "warm gradually popular Produced ... ... ", your floor itself is not up to formaldehyde, can be strange to warm it? If some people with ulterior motives to be used, maybe it will breed right and wrong.

    Fourth, the media's guidance and dissemination is essential, but need to be more professional. The incident was alarmed CCTV, and even become one of the 10 rumors in 2014, and the media widely spread inseparable. Carefully explore, you will find some home improvement, real estate media is the source, warm cube called the media counterparts, communication must be rigorous, or ruined a good industry ah.

    Fifth, WeChat is not awe-inspiring, industry experts and the media to promptly clarify which the letter. China Radiation Heating Committee Committee Director of the Department of Network Zhang Kecheng said: WeChat on the information do not believe, have self-tolerance! To this end, warm cube called on experts and media colleagues, common purification industry, fake rumors, against false information.

    So now the warm industry appears to lay off the phenomenon and the relationship between these iron, compared to the self-evident.

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