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New Year's Day 2015 Happy Tour

time:2017-02-23 hit:3355

Meet New Year's Day, happy to share with you. In order to increase the festive atmosphere, enrich the cultural life of all the staff, happy to meet the arrival of the New Year, January 1, 2015, under the leadership of the company, the company organized the New Year's Day "Wuzhen * Xitang" day tour activities.

Early in the morning Jialida family members early in the company at the door of the collection, the Ministry of Business Administration of the Minister asked a little bit out of the play you want to pay attention to the matter, always want to be a civilized person. Then the bus company's bus arrived, we neatly and orderly on the car after the sun in early to meet the 2015, enjoy the beauty of the way, carrying a car full of laughter to the first station Xitang into the.

After about 2 hours drive we arrived at the first stop ------ Wuzhen. Wuzhen is a town with a history of 1300 years to build the town of Jiangnan. Cross the river within the river system will be divided into four sections of the southeast, the locals were called "East Gate, South Gate, West Gate, North Gate." We get the tour guide to our votes after the start of their own interest in their own play myself. Wuzhen, like many Jiangnan town, there are narrow rivers through the town, there are booms and built by the simple houses, there are Wu Peng boat leisurely in the river on the swing, there are alley deep curl smoke, there are Peasant woman in the river to the stone steps on the wash ... ... and different from the other town of Jiangnan, Wuzhen less commercial atmosphere, more, is a cultural atmosphere, which stems from where the King, where people, Where the culture.

Walking in the town of Wuzhen on the road, enjoy the scenery here, where people, where the culture, not help by the Millennium town attracted. Wuzhen water is very green, like a green emerald to the town wrapped around. Water is always a constant theme of the town of Jiangnan. Long flowing with the living line of the residents of the river, the water carrying their hopes, carrying their simple flow to the farther place. Water is also the main lifeline of their lives, relying on water, shaking Umbrella Wuzhen specialties shipped to the outside.



Saying that cheerful time is always passing fast, the next station Jie Lida family came to be called "life of the Millennium town" "the most beautiful Jiangnan Water Village" ------ Xitang. In the roadside snack, sitting like a bench, watching the roadside visitors come and go. Then we visited the Xitang shop together, to feel the atmosphere under the store and unique. Went to the stone skin to get, that mottled brick white walls, long stone steps alley, like a deep as long as the thoughts. Standing on the bridge Yongning, Yuanwang shore on both sides of the water looks like, looking at a ship carrying a boat of the Wu Peng boat under the bridge and the waves rippling.

The night falls and the red lanterns on both sides of the river are lit. People along the river, sitting in the river cool, experience the water of the people at night. Rare country night, a rare side of the colleagues, sitting together on the pod boat, watching the river lights and pedestrians, breathing the water cool air. With the oars in the green water poke, the pod boat shuttle in the water, sitting on the side, looking in the eyes, in mind.
We walked together through the famous Xitang, one night to the very busy bar Street, listening to the noise of music, looking for people looking for different styles or three or five together, or cheering.

Happy day so passed, we all have a very dedicated. Look forward to the next trip with Jolida family!



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