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Jialida First Sports Festival - Tug of War

time:2017-02-23 hit:3382

 For the grand celebration of the company 8 anniversary, and actively carry out staff fitness activities, rich staff amateur cultural life, cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation of all employees, to show the company staff positive and progressive spirit, according to the company series celebration activities leading group arrangements, Morning, held in front of the plant and the first sports art tug of war. The competition attracted the active participation of all the staff, from the company's various units of the eight teams a total of more than 100 employees participated in the competition, the company leadership team members play an exemplary role, and actively with the front-line production staff to participate in the team, to participate in activities The Tug of war, the whistle bursts, cheering constantly, after intense competition, lions, war god team, the strength team on behalf of the team was tug of the first, second and third. The team team full of energy, courageously fighting, race style, race level.


Through the activities carried out, the company employees in the spare time to relax the mood, cultivate the sentiment. The team united up, not outdated, proactive good style, fully demonstrated the good spirit of the staff of the company.

  After the game, the company's general manager Chen made a warm message, she said: Today we are here for the 8th anniversary of the first sports arts festival tug of war, the purpose is to let all the workers in the busy busy work Rich and colorful cultural and sports activities rich amateur cultural life, strong physique, cultivate sentiment, glow everyone unite and struggle, the courage to first of all passion, with more full enthusiasm to join in the safety and quality of service and energy saving work; the same time, enhance the corporate team spirit , Show the vitality of corporate culture. She hoped that all employees in the company under the correct leadership, closely around the company's goals, cherish the job, hard work; pioneering and innovative, advancing with the times; people bent, worked hard to meet the challenges of 100 times to tough To accept the test, I was the owner of the responsibility of Jialida to build China's HVAC industry's first brand to make new and greater contributions.

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