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The company organizes staff to carry out fire dril

time:2017-02-23 hit:3116

"Hum ooo ... ..." November 22, 2014 afternoon, a burst of rapid fire alarm to break the company's quiet, then, the office staff quickly and orderly evacuation of office space, flock to the factory outside the assembly ground. This is not really a fire, but the company in order to strengthen staff awareness of fire safety, improve the staff in the event of a fire can be safely evacuated and organize the ability to save, organize fire drills.

  The fire drill, from the exercise planning, pre-preparation, organization and implementation to the formal exercise of all stages, the company's leadership has attached great importance to the company set up a fire drill group, by the person on-site command.

  Through the fire drill, to further strengthen the company's staff awareness of fire and distress self-help ability, while the company will also be found from the exercise deficiencies, continuous improvement, and strive to improve staff emergency rescue skills and emergency response to the overall quality, effectively put an end to accident hazards, Reduce the loss of accidents, to ensure the company safe, stable and orderly development.

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