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"Warmth" [geothermal water separator] to

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"Warmth" [geothermal water separator] to take home home
Geothermal water separator is the control center of the whole room geothermal heating, it has the function of shunt partial pressure, when the heat into the room after the multi-functional filter into the manifold main bar, this part of the filter filter heat Medium impurities to prevent impurities into the underground pipe network blocking the pipeline. The main bar is the level of installation, so the use of the same height, the principle of equal pressure, so that the heat distribution was evenly distributed to the branch road, the heat exchange system, the branch flow back to the water back to the main bar, Heating system. In addition, in the self-heating with a mixing device, that is after the heat exchange, the heat medium (water) temperature is still high, after the mixing system, and then into the manifold main bar to continue the cycle, so in the heating While saving energy.

Geothermal water separator use skills:
First, the water divider can be divided into each room or area of the water supply flow, such as: the water separator on any way through the core valve closed half, then the water heating room temperature will be reduced.
Second, the manual discharge valve on the water, in the winter heating, such as the emergence of poor heating, gas and other phenomena, the user can use the exhaust device to manually warm the gas in the pipeline to ensure that the normal flow of hot water The
Third, the filter on the front of the filter, the user during the annual heating or regular or irregular filter will be removed at the bottom of the filter after cleaning to install, to ensure that the water inside the clean. After the heating, the application of water for pipe network rinse.
Fourth, if the long-term is not at home, the total amount of water can be used to adjust the amount of circulating water, do not all closed. In the whole winter if the room is not heating, should be the tube of water blowing.

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