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[Mixed water device] to the warm system is essenti

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[Mixed water device] to the warm system is essential


The mixing device is mainly used for warm and high-temperature water supply system, regardless of what kind of structure of the mixed water cooling system are used to warm the heat after the low temperature backwater and high temperature water mixed to provide the appropriate temperature of the heating water, compared with other cooling methods With a simple, convenient, energy saving, temperature stability of the outstanding advantages, so get a wide range of applications.

To warm the mixing device features and advantages:

1, to warm the mixing device using speed control mute circulation pump and silent automatic valve, long life, not disturb the people.

2, temperature control switch can be accurate, sensitive and reliable control system automatically constant temperature continuous water supply, water supply interruption or water temperature is lower than the design of the water supply temperature automatically shut down the pump.

3, continuous constant temperature water supply can reduce the impurities in the pipeline of water deposition and gas accumulation, eliminating the obstacles caused by air resistance and congestion, extended to warm the service life.

4, due to the mixing device with automatic opening and closing, overheating and low protection and other functions, unattended operation conditions to provide a certain operating conditions.


5, economic energy saving, saving heat transfer stations, the cycle of energy conservation, the use of changes in water temperature intermittent work, reducing operating costs.

6, differential pressure bypass valve, balance system pressure.

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