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"This winter is not too cold" [to warm t

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   (Water heater) in the low temperature hot water ground radiation heating system role; points, the water collector is composed of water separator and water collector combination of water flow distribution and collection device. Usually in the ground heating area, the need for large area subdivision into a small block control, or a set of residential, there are multiple functional rooms, need to be controlled separately. At the same time, the floor heating system is affected by the hydraulic characteristics, the warm coil is limited to a certain length. This requires the same ground heating area or the same set of residential heating room is divided into multiple loops, and each loop and need to be shut down or flow adjustment.
    Points, the water collector http://www.chjld.com in the low temperature hot water ground radiation heating system plays such a role. It is the first side of the heating pipe water according to the needs of the building heating distribution, to ensure that the regional branch loop flow to meet the heating load needs. At the same time, but also the branch of the flow of water collection, and input heating back to the main pipe to achieve the cycle of operation. On the other hand, due to the various functional areas of the building (room) need to heat on demand. In order to facilitate the regulation and control, the water separator and the collector of the branch loop configuration of the valve, the valve to bear the flow distribution and regulation tasks. The warm structure system is buried buried heating end, most of its structure is buried in the concrete structure layer, only sub-catchment exposed on the outside. As a key component of floor heating control, its role is very important.

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