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Jolida - Detailed explanation of the problems in t

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For many families, the use of warm products is very necessary, especially in winter heating demand is more intense. In order to be able to smooth the winter, as soon as possible to choose the right to warm the water separator is very necessary. In actual use, some users in the specific use of the method is not clear, which caused a lot of trouble. Here, for these common doubts may wish to explain:

1. how to use the water separator in the end?

Many of the first use of the people do not know how the product should be used, it is very normal. The correct approach should be to open the total water main valve, to ensure that the hot water cycle, to ensure that the interface parts without any problems, and then you can one by one to open the various branches of the valve.

2. how to deal with the outlet pipe is not hot?

This is also a lot of people often encounter a problem, in fact, it is not difficult to deal with. When used, you will find that each water separator product is equipped with its own filter. And in the event of a water pipe is not hot, then, the filter must be promptly cleaned up, sometimes because the site of excessive impurities is the main reason leading to insufficient hot water supply.

3. Why do you take out all the water after the end of the heating?

Many people are very puzzled by this point, in fact, the reason to take all the water out because in the process of filtering a large number of impurities and small particles in the accumulation of time, will lead to the formation of the inner wall of the ditch, which Water quality can cause great pollution and must be addressed.

To warm the water separator, geothermal water separator more information, are in the Jie Lida.

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