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2015 Jie Lida water distributor Beijing warm up ex

time:2017-02-22 hit:2312

May 13, 2015 - 15 for the HVAC is doomed to be unusual, because it is the first time in Asia to carry out the time, we are riveting enough to prepare to show their talents, the supernatural powers. Of course, we Jie Lida water separator is no exception, first of all we in the booth of the subscription and design on a lot of hard work, need to show all aspects of the image and style, so that customers know Jie Lida, understand Jolida, hand in hand ...
For this exhibition, we Jie Lida people have maintained a passion for twelve points, with Jie Lida's signature smile to meet every one to the scene of the customer. Of course, beautiful and gentle etiquette lady became the highlight of the Jialida booth, their brilliant smile, warm greeting, careful guidance, no doubt in the hearts of customers leave a good impression. The exhibition is a lot of new and old customers in our interest in our products, our staff for the customer's questions are one by one careful explanation, so that customers completely love our products, which makes the background orders constantly, surprise Again and again ...



Li Shang is the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation, we Jie Lida people certainly understand this truth. So this exhibition we prepared a lot of gifts, as long as customers concerned about our Jie Lida's micro-signal, after the success of attention can be obtained. Ceremony is not big, there is a deep meaning; Jie Lida also borrow the meaning of gifts, I hope you in 2015 wallet bulging, full of keys, learning Bang Bang ... ...


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