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Tour of Sanya in mid-January 2015

time:2017-02-23 hit:3313

        Jiangnan town of Wuzhen, Xitang trip is still memorable, in order to allow middle-level cadres to ease the work pressure, to promote mutual exchanges and stimulate work enthusiasm, the company once again organized the leading cadres and outstanding staff on January 14 Trip to Sanya five days tour. Sanya City is located in the southern tip of Hainan Province (Hainan Island), where the four seasons such as summer, can be described as three winter without frost and snow, four seasons flowers often in full bloom, known as "Oriental Hawaii," said.

        In the intense, busy work, there is such a chance to temporarily put down the hands of things, jump from the habit of living environment, came to China ranked four first-tier tourist city "three Wei Hang Ha," the first, also known as the "East Hawaii "Sanya enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island, a taste of the local few ethnic customs of the customs, so that everyone happy mood, to ease the long-term work pressure, in the beautiful environment, cultivate the mood, in the journey to increase the knowledge. Sanya people's hard-working, hard work, hard work deeply touched us, this spirit worthy of our study, carry forward, this trip, colleagues help each other, take care of each other, and further increase the communication opportunities, The feelings between each other, creating a harmonious team atmosphere. Enjoy such a rare spiritual holiday, we are very upset, feel very happy and relaxed. Travel return, we communicate with each other their own knowledge, feelings and joy, to travel colleagues also do not forget the hard work of colleagues and family members, Sanya's delicious souvenirs are brought back and colleagues, family members to share, believe that tourism Of the staff will be more full of enthusiasm, more energetic energy into the job, but also encourage those who can not travel to the Jialida family, for more people next year to better place to enjoy the nature of the better Scenery. Here's a direct look at the travel of everyone's photos it!




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