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When the winter gradually warming, [Zhejiang water

time:2017-02-23 hit:2897

With the gradual warming of the climate, the use of warm water separator products in various regions to become increasingly strong demand. Especially in many northern areas, the demand for heating is always there. So, for the use of Zhejiang water users need to pay attention to what the basic skills? Generally speaking, do this work generally need to adhere to the following:

1. Heating temperature control

    In the use of the process, the user needs to according to their actual needs to control the room temperature. To know that in the heating process, the temperature of each room can be controlled by shunt, very flexible.

2. Clean the filter

    It should be noted that, in the absence of the use of a period of time, the need for the front of the filter to thoroughly clean the filter, otherwise it is easy to lead to excessive accumulation of impurities, the long run will cause greater pollution of water quality, which It is not ideal.

3. The upper limit of temperature

    In the heating process, the temperature rise is relatively slow, so it is impossible to immediately feel the temperature changes. In addition, in the use of time need to pay attention to that, that is, the maximum temperature must be controlled at 65 degrees Celsius below, otherwise it is easy because of too many problems caused by the generation.

4. Water dispenser http://www.chjld.com/index.php?s=/products.html Total valve can not be closed

    Some users because of long-term home is not always the reason, always used to the product total valve closed, it is very undesirable, only need to adjust the water to a minimum. If all closed, then the performance of the product will decline, which for future use is extremely unfavorable. In fact, the use of the product and the general use of home appliances no different, mastered the correct use of methods and maintenance techniques will be able to maximize its performance.

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