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"Real execution" Jie Lida special

time:2017-02-23 hit:2530

On December 2, Mr. Ma Qiang, who came from the International Education Group, gave us a concise "real execution" course for all the staff of the company. The course was a great opportunity for us. A lot of reason to understand, especially the implementation of the enterprise can be unimpeded and the development of enterprises are closely related to a healthy development of enterprises on the one hand lies in the strategic vision of high-level enterprises, on the other hand is how the effective implementation of enterprise employees and the implementation of The intensity and mentality.
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The following questions about the teacher Ma and the actual work of the actual situation.
First, a good execution of one of the thinking: responsibility thinking.
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Life 2/3 of the time are at work, not in this business work in that enterprise work, people can not have no saints? Work will inevitably lead to errors, how to do wrong? Is to shirk each other or the courage to bear, this is the implementation of the first push thinking. Ma teacher advocates "I am the root of everything", as long as always remember that he is the root of all work, the work will be able to bear the responsibility rather than shirk, because the responsibility is to solve the problem of the beginning of the burden of responsibility is the beginning of growth, The commitment is to enhance the team executive force of the beginning. In which business to take office for which business, which is the workplace should have the minimum professional ethics.
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Second, the good execution of the thinking of the two: the results of thinking.  
  Ma teacher talked about the implementation of the enterprise is the result, not the task. "Execution is the responsibility to take 100% of the responsibility to get results." During the talk about an example for us is very practical, if the company leaders to send you to the bookstore to buy books, you have to go through twists and turns, but Finally did not buy a book, will the boss will praise you very hard? He will only do not buy books for you and angry. This is the concrete embodiment of the thinking of the results. Everyone is running for the enterprise, for the enterprise share the worry, for the enterprise struggle, but we thought about it? When you do these things, you pay the hard work is to look at the eyes, but the boss to see the most issued task is not really completed, how much to complete, this is what the boss wants. So we do not look for any unpleasant results for their own excuse, because we want to do the results of things rather than the process of doing things, nor is the result of doing things.  
 Third, the good execution of thinking three: wolf thinking  
On the wolf thinking, many companies are concerned about this, and some companies to build a wolf team also paid a certain effort. Ma teacher in the classroom focused on a "survival of the fittest" story. Animal world of the jungle is the instinct of animals, and in today's tide of the market, the fierce competition in the enterprise is not out of the instinct of the enterprise? The upper echelons of a business should always consider how the business based on how to develop, a business manager he always want to consider how to lead the team to survive, all conducive to enterprise development system and standards should be accepted and implemented by all staff. At present, enterprises are considering how to better operate the elimination and supervision mechanism, so that those who have the talent can be important to the enterprise, although our inspection and supervision mechanism is not very sound, in practice may appear to cope with errands and popularity Good or bad interference, but at least this supervision and inspection will force employees to have a nervous state of mind, there is a competitive state of mind, as the arena, a person may not run a good run, if you find a Competitor, he will not help speed up the speed.
Ma also talked about the importance of talent cultivation mechanism in the operation of the enterprise. With a very appropriate metaphor of the staff of the enterprise is divided into four categories: talented people known as the boutique business, should be reused; virtuous people are known as semi-finished products, semi-finished products can be developed later to be important ; No virtue no man who is known as waste, in the enterprise is determined to use; talented people who are not known as drugs, must double open. We can see that enterprises need to pay attention to the cultivation of talent, the need to develop the potential of talented employees for the effectiveness of enterprises.  
  Fourth, the high standards of strict management requirements of the penetration.
High standard strict requirements Simple understanding is either do not do, do it first. Haier Group to come today, to gain a firm foothold in the world market, with his high standards of strict management requirements are inseparable. We all know Haier Group Square hit the refrigerator incident, was also made into a movie to do publicity, the shock of the relevant enterprises is indeed great, many companies have to follow the path of Haier, embarked on the ranks of the formal. To make the quality of all aspects of staff to a higher level, we must establish a set of high standards and strict management requirements.

Fifth, the mentality of gratitude in the business execution of the key role.  
Although Ma teacher will be grateful mentality on the last point, but I think that Thanksgiving mentality in the promotion of business execution has a crucial role. In the enterprise, we should be grateful to the company's leadership, although the work encountered in the unhappy will make you have some complaints and dissatisfaction, but you have not thought it is the company's leadership overtime, To the survival and development of enterprises, it is the leadership of the enterprise too much effort to pay the white hair in exchange for the staff of the monthly salary and bonus income, leadership than we think more, want deep, want to far, Of the whole, indeed he is in his own career for the development, and why not for your life building blocks?
I think a person must have a grateful mentality, in order to have a positive work mentality, in order to better play the personal ability to work. Thanksgiving is the implementation of the most powerful and most lasting force, thanksgiving parents, Thanksgiving leadership, Thanksgiving staff ... ... know how grateful to pay really love, love to do work, work can be perfect, heart together, business can be strong.

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