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Words and a letter, in good faith tree word of mou

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Words and letters, in good faith tree word of mouth

The industry knows that Zhuji has a "Jie Lida"

□ reporter Tang Guiping



Zhuji shop in the mouth with thousands of pipe plant, but talking about "Jie Lida" this brand, almost no one knows in the industry. Although the company is small, but only 8 years, "Jialida" in the warm industry has been cut a striking figure. Can do this, and the company manager Li Yunhai business philosophy is inseparable. For Li Yunhai, familiar with his people are more willing to call him "teacher Li". When he was a middle school teacher, although he "in business business", but used to the teacher, "words and letter" has become his business management.

Words and words, oral agreement is also effective

Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. is Zhuji shop a copper processing pipe business, the main production areas to warm the field of water separator products.

"Business do not do, is the foundation of the people." Li Yunhai said that these years in business with the integrity of tree reputation for him is also benefited.


Dalian leaves always have been very care about the old friend of Zhuji. Ye always said, fancy "Jie Lida" is fancy its integrity. Ye is always a Dalian commerce company's CEO, last October, a chance to meet the "Jie Lida" the company. At that time, both sides had a verbal agreement, will be through the Dalian company to Zhuji "Jie Lida" products to Dalian Wanda to a site up. However, after the Dalian company did not follow the project, but by Shenyang, a supplier first step.

Although the goods did not sell through the Dalian company, but after all, or sold out, "Jie Lida" did not say anything, or all the profits of the goods to the leaves of the total of the Dalian company. "Business did not make, but since there have been oral agreement, or to count the number, according to the original implementation of the agreement." Li Yunhai said.

  This decision so that leaves some unexpected, he was "Jie Lida" trustworthy behavior deeply impressed, "Li Yunhai this friend I made a deal!" Later, the leaves will always say "Jie Lida" To speak, it is faithful, too sincere! Said that all future projects are willing to give "Jie Lida" to do. The cooperation between the two sides has continued to the present.

  Air samples, with the service to move customers


Do business is not honest, barely talk about mouth, or depends on the actual action. Li Yunhai has its own principles, words and letters. In the past few years in order to practice their own principles, he insisted on using their own services to impress customers.

Just two weeks ago, a customer in Xi'an, Mr. Zhang took two peers over, the business all introduced to the "Jie Lida" side. This is a few business, it is based on Mr. Zhang had a move. One afternoon in the first half of this year, Mr. Zhang to take a warm product samples to the project sealed samples. Can not sample how to sample? So, that morning, Mr. Zhang found "Jie Lida" Lee, holding the mind to try their company for help. If there is no sample, it is equivalent to not get the project, Mr. Zhang is very anxious.

Can only be received in the morning of the phone, the afternoon will goods, and far in Xi'an, even if the express is too late, how do? Li Yunhai thought of the airplane. In this way, in order not to delay the customer pick up the project, he immediately find someone to a few kilograms of heavy sample packaging, from Zhuji direct drive to Xiaoshan airport, and then by air to the goods to Mr. Zhang. 1 pm or so, Mr. Zhang successfully get the sample. Such a experience of his heart quite shocked. Since then, Mr. Zhang also remember the "Jie Lida", especially for their services appreciated.

In fact, not only Mr. Zhang, several Beijing, Hebei, almost all customers have had a similar experience, enjoy the value-added services. And for Li Yunhai, these word of mouth sometimes spent a lot of money in exchange for the price, but he felt the value. Because the customer satisfaction, and his heart is also comfortable.

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