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[Geothermal water separator] switch how to use it?

time:2017-02-23 hit:3557

Geothermal water separator switch is the entire indoor geothermal heating control center, to warm the main water pipe is sent from the main channel of hot water or hot steam into a number of sub-pipeline to each room of a shunt device, the user can according to their needs Adjust the temperature of the room, we can see the use of geothermal water separator switch is very important. In general, geothermal water separator is divided into two types of ordinary and intelligent, respectively, look at the following two kinds of geothermal water separator use.

     Before understanding the use of these two geothermal water separator, first look at the ordinary type and intelligent geothermal water separator What is the difference. Common type of water diversion pipe of the control valve needs man-made control, the need for artificial control to open and close, and intelligent splitter it is open and closed by electronic equipment control.

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