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[To warm the water separator] check, warm winter y

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After the completion of the installation of warm, in the latter part of the use of the same process there are many considerations, only the correct use and maintenance, in order to make the warm to maintain a good use of state and extend the service life.

1, to warm the pipe cleaning problem
Usually plumbing in the use of 3-5 years after the need to do a cleaning, especially the central heating to warm the user, because the main channel is not pure water in the cycle, so there will be impurities attached to the warm wall, the scale of the possibility of a long time It will affect the indoor heating effect, then it is necessary to warm the ground to do a cleaning.

2, to warm the water separator valve cleaning
At the beginning of the annual heating period, it is recommended to clean the water separator and the above filters and valves to ensure that the water pipes are cleaned and prevent the piping from clogging. Clean the method: first close the inlet and outlet valves connected to the main pipe and then open the filter Equipment, remove the filter and clean, check the warm water separator filter with or without damage, plug, if damaged should be replaced with the same specifications of the filter, to be checked without problems after the original method to install back.

  3, control the water temperature
Floor heating is a low-temperature operation, whether it is central heating or household heating system to be warm to the water temperature control within 60 ℃, the water temperature is too high to the impact of the life of the heating pipe, the water temperature is too low may not meet the heating needs, Every winter in the opening to warm the system, we must strictly in accordance with the provisions of the heating process cycle, can not step up in place.
4, on the drainage
When the home long-term uninhabited, indoor below 5 ℃, it is recommended to warm the water in the pipeline to prevent the pipeline caused by unnecessary losses caused by freezing.

 5, security protection
Whether it is the second renovation or is being used to warm the user, in daily life should pay attention to prohibit smashing, knock on the ground, is strictly prohibited in the ground wedge any sharp objects to prevent damage to underground pipes. Only to maintain a good use and maintenance habits, in order to make your warm and more efficient and energy efficient, so you enjoy a more warm winter.

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