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[Zhuji water separator] save money and worry more

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Zhuji water separator use method

    1. Water divider can be divided into the control of each room or district heating temperature, the user can adjust the room according to their own temperature (see the installation of the company to provide geothermal heating road map)

    2. Water dispenser manual exhaust valve, the user can own the pipeline of gas discharge, in order to ensure the heating temperature of the pipeline.

    3. Water Separator http://www.chjld.com/index.php?s=/products/show/pid/68.html There is a filter on the front end where the user periodically or irregularly applies the filter during the annual heating The bottom of the filter removed after cleaning installed to ensure that the water inside the clean. After the heating, the application of water for pipe network rinse.

    4. At the beginning of the heating, the temperature will not be felt immediately within 12 hours. During this period, the concrete floor of the floor is gradually heated, and the heat is stored. After 2-4 days, the design temperature can be reached. Such as the user's own heating water temperature should not exceed 65 ℃.

    5. If you are not at home for a long time, you can use the total volume of the water separator will be small, do not all closed. In the whole winter if the room is not heating, should be the tube of water blowing, so as not to freeze the pipeline and water separator.

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