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[Zhuji water separator] manufacturers to introduce

time:2017-02-23 hit:2591

As a well-known supplier of sub-catchment (Zhuji Diversion), we have long-term operation of the product quality and reliable, excellent performance, the majority of users are recognized by the following Xiaobian for friends to introduce the next sub-collector structure.

(A), with high precision CNC lathe production spool, concentricity, wear. Standard flow meter, automatic exhaust valve, drainage valve and other important components.

(2), the use of hot extrusion copper plating nickel, corrosion resistance, pressure and strong ability to install the stent thick, flexible joint fittings, easy installation and maintenance, solid, greatly improving the product life and reliability The

(3), sub-water http://www.chjld.com/index.php?s=/products/show/pid/68.html pipe water return can be adjusted, and can be installed in the branch of the installation of electric Temperature controller, geothermal thermostat, you can easily achieve intelligent control of the district.Other import brands are also integrated sub-catchment, the function is not much difference.

Above is the sub-catchment http://www.chjld.com/index.php?s=/products/show/pid/68.html related knowledge, we hope to help.If the majority of customers need, Please call the consultation, I wholeheartedly for the majority of customer service!

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