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To the warm water separator common small fault

  • To the warm water separator common small fault
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:00
  • To the warm water separator common small fault

    At present, the market to warm water separator common small fault which?

    The common faults of the manifold are the following two points:

    1, to warm is not hot

    The water collector is not hot, that is, hot water is not home; if the above water separator, the following water collector is not hot, then the front of the heat meter may be caused by the filter block caused.

    2, to warm overheating

    Generally recommended to warm the water temperature should not exceed 65 ℃, to warm room temperature control at 22 ℃ or so, overheating temperature to the life of the warm pipe have a certain impact, while reducing the use of warm comfort. In addition, the Jialida floor warm water separator prompts you to heat as long as not at home, for

    The energy saving, through the home of the main control valve for flow control, appropriate to reduce the indoor temperature, but not fully closed, to prevent the hot and cold shrinkage caused by the interface of the water leakage.

    For the user, as long as the warm water to know the principle of failure, the basic can be manually excluded, do not need to spend extra money to ask people to repair. Of course, fixed maintenance dredge cleaning is necessary.

    In summary: If the user is not warm to meet the situation, there may be gas pipeline, need to exhaust; or water cycle is relatively slow, need to add circulating pump, especially the top floor of the user, must be equipped with circulating pump; Is to warm the installation problem. To warm the heating is basically a more common problem of centralized heating, most of today's users will choose to use warm mixed water cooling system to solve this problem, and Jie Lida mixed water cooling system is the industry's most advanced, most intelligent and most efficient equipment , Has been in the country to promote sales. Water separator, sub-catchment, to warm water

    , Geothermal water heater trust partner Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Industry Co., Ltd.

Jie Lida share, sub-catchment, to warm the water s

  • Jie Lida share, sub-catchment, to warm the water s
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:01
  • Sub-sump is in the floor heating system, used to connect the heating main water supply pipe and return pipe device, divided into two parts of the water separator and water collector. Water separator manufacturers, the following to introduce you to the use of warm water separator skills.

    1. Exposed pipe at the manifold should try to avoid contact with organic solvents, such as: alcohol, gasoline, paint, asphalt and so on.

    2. Manual exhaust valve on the manifold: The user can discharge the gas in the pipeline to ensure that the heating water in the whole pipeline flows normally.

    3. Drain valve at the front of the water separator: the user can be in the end of the annual heating season or during the blockage of the heating, the sewage pipe at the bottom of the sewage network removed after cleaning installed to ensure that the pipeline clean and smooth, to prevent clogging.

    4. Water divider can be divided into control of each room (or area) heating temperature, such as: the water diverter on any way around the core valve closed half, then the water heating room temperature will be reduced.

    The above is on the water separator manufacturers - to warm the use of water tips, I hope to read after you help, if you have other questions you want to consult can contact us.

Jolida - Detailed explanation of the problems in t

  • Jolida - Detailed explanation of the problems in t
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:02
  • For many families, the use of warm products is very necessary, especially in winter heating demand is more intense. In order to be able to smooth the winter, as soon as possible to choose the right to warm the water separator is very necessary. In actual use, some users in the specific use of the method is not clear, which caused a lot of trouble. Here, for these common doubts may wish to explain:

    1. how to use the water separator in the end?

    Many of the first use of the people do not know how the product should be used, it is very normal. The correct approach should be to open the total water main valve, to ensure that the hot water cycle, to ensure that the interface parts without any problems, and then you can one by one to open the various branches of the valve.

    2. how to deal with the outlet pipe is not hot?

    This is also a lot of people often encounter a problem, in fact, it is not difficult to deal with. When used, you will find that each water separator product is equipped with its own filter. And in the event of a water pipe is not hot, then, the filter must be promptly cleaned up, sometimes because the site of excessive impurities is the main reason leading to insufficient hot water supply.

    3. Why do you take out all the water after the end of the heating?

    Many people are very puzzled by this point, in fact, the reason to take all the water out because in the process of filtering a large number of impurities and small particles in the accumulation of time, will lead to the formation of the inner wall of the ditch, which Water quality can cause great pollution and must be addressed.

    To warm the water separator, geothermal water separator more information, are in the Jie Lida.

What skills are used in the use of the water separ

  • What skills are used in the use of the water separ
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:03
  • With the gradual warming of the climate, the use of warm water separator products in various regions to become increasingly strong demand. Especially in many northern areas, the demand for heating is always there. So, what is the basic skill for the use of the product? Generally speaking, doing this work generally need to adhere to the following:

    1. Heating temperature control

    In the use of the process, the user needs to according to their actual needs to control the room temperature. To know that in the heating process, the temperature of each room can be controlled by shunt, very flexible.

    2. Clean the filter

    It should be noted that, in the absence of the use of a period of time, the need for the front of the filter to thoroughly clean the filter, otherwise it is easy to lead to excessive accumulation of impurities, the long run will cause greater pollution of water quality, which It is not ideal.

    3. The upper limit of temperature

    In the heating process, the temperature rise is relatively slow, so it is impossible to immediately feel the temperature changes. In addition, in the use of time need to pay attention to that, that is, the maximum temperature must be controlled at 65 degrees Celsius below, otherwise it is easy because of too many problems caused by the generation.

    4. The manifold main valve can not be closed completely

    Some users because of long-term home is not always the reason, always used to the product total valve closed, it is very undesirable, only need to adjust the water to a minimum. If all closed, then the performance of the product will decline, which for future use is extremely unfavorable. In fact, the use of the product and the general use of home appliances no different, mastered the correct use of methods and maintenance techniques will be able to maximize its performance.

    Water separator, sub-catchment, to warm water separator, geothermal water separator can be found in Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. supply.

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