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Words and a letter, in good faith tree word of mou

  • Words and a letter, in good faith tree word of mou
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:05
  • Words and letters, in good faith tree word of mouth

    The industry knows that Zhuji has a "Jie Lida"

    □ reporter Tang Guiping



    Zhuji shop in the mouth with thousands of pipe plant, but talking about "Jie Lida" this brand, almost no one knows in the industry. Although the company is small, but only 8 years, "Jialida" in the warm industry has been cut a striking figure. Can do this, and the company manager Li Yunhai business philosophy is inseparable. For Li Yunhai, familiar with his people are more willing to call him "teacher Li". When he was a middle school teacher, although he "in business business", but used to the teacher, "words and letter" has become his business management.

    Words and words, oral agreement is also effective

    Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. is Zhuji shop a copper processing pipe business, the main production areas to warm the field of water separator products.

    "Business do not do, is the foundation of the people." Li Yunhai said that these years in business with the integrity of tree reputation for him is also benefited.


    Dalian leaves always have been very care about the old friend of Zhuji. Ye always said, fancy "Jie Lida" is fancy its integrity. Ye is always a Dalian commerce company's CEO, last October, a chance to meet the "Jie Lida" the company. At that time, both sides had a verbal agreement, will be through the Dalian company to Zhuji "Jie Lida" products to Dalian Wanda to a site up. However, after the Dalian company did not follow the project, but by Shenyang, a supplier first step.

    Although the goods did not sell through the Dalian company, but after all, or sold out, "Jie Lida" did not say anything, or all the profits of the goods to the leaves of the total of the Dalian company. "Business did not make, but since there have been oral agreement, or to count the number, according to the original implementation of the agreement." Li Yunhai said.

      This decision so that leaves some unexpected, he was "Jie Lida" trustworthy behavior deeply impressed, "Li Yunhai this friend I made a deal!" Later, the leaves will always say "Jie Lida" To speak, it is faithful, too sincere! Said that all future projects are willing to give "Jie Lida" to do. The cooperation between the two sides has continued to the present.

      Air samples, with the service to move customers


    Do business is not honest, barely talk about mouth, or depends on the actual action. Li Yunhai has its own principles, words and letters. In the past few years in order to practice their own principles, he insisted on using their own services to impress customers.

    Just two weeks ago, a customer in Xi'an, Mr. Zhang took two peers over, the business all introduced to the "Jie Lida" side. This is a few business, it is based on Mr. Zhang had a move. One afternoon in the first half of this year, Mr. Zhang to take a warm product samples to the project sealed samples. Can not sample how to sample? So, that morning, Mr. Zhang found "Jie Lida" Lee, holding the mind to try their company for help. If there is no sample, it is equivalent to not get the project, Mr. Zhang is very anxious.

    Can only be received in the morning of the phone, the afternoon will goods, and far in Xi'an, even if the express is too late, how do? Li Yunhai thought of the airplane. In this way, in order not to delay the customer pick up the project, he immediately find someone to a few kilograms of heavy sample packaging, from Zhuji direct drive to Xiaoshan airport, and then by air to the goods to Mr. Zhang. 1 pm or so, Mr. Zhang successfully get the sample. Such a experience of his heart quite shocked. Since then, Mr. Zhang also remember the "Jie Lida", especially for their services appreciated.

    In fact, not only Mr. Zhang, several Beijing, Hebei, almost all customers have had a similar experience, enjoy the value-added services. And for Li Yunhai, these word of mouth sometimes spent a lot of money in exchange for the price, but he felt the value. Because the customer satisfaction, and his heart is also comfortable.

"Real execution" Jie Lida special

  • "Real execution" Jie Lida special
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:05
  • On December 2, Mr. Ma Qiang, who came from the International Education Group, gave us a concise "real execution" course for all the staff of the company. The course was a great opportunity for us. A lot of reason to understand, especially the implementation of the enterprise can be unimpeded and the development of enterprises are closely related to a healthy development of enterprises on the one hand lies in the strategic vision of high-level enterprises, on the other hand is how the effective implementation of enterprise employees and the implementation of The intensity and mentality.
    The following are the same as the "
    The following questions about the teacher Ma and the actual work of the actual situation.
    First, a good execution of one of the thinking: responsibility thinking.
    The following are the same as the "
    Life 2/3 of the time are at work, not in this business work in that enterprise work, people can not have no saints? Work will inevitably lead to errors, how to do wrong? Is to shirk each other or the courage to bear, this is the implementation of the first push thinking. Ma teacher advocates "I am the root of everything", as long as always remember that he is the root of all work, the work will be able to bear the responsibility rather than shirk, because the responsibility is to solve the problem of the beginning of the burden of responsibility is the beginning of growth, The commitment is to enhance the team executive force of the beginning. In which business to take office for which business, which is the workplace should have the minimum professional ethics.
    The following are the same as the "
    Second, the good execution of the thinking of the two: the results of thinking.  
      Ma teacher talked about the implementation of the enterprise is the result, not the task. "Execution is the responsibility to take 100% of the responsibility to get results." During the talk about an example for us is very practical, if the company leaders to send you to the bookstore to buy books, you have to go through twists and turns, but Finally did not buy a book, will the boss will praise you very hard? He will only do not buy books for you and angry. This is the concrete embodiment of the thinking of the results. Everyone is running for the enterprise, for the enterprise share the worry, for the enterprise struggle, but we thought about it? When you do these things, you pay the hard work is to look at the eyes, but the boss to see the most issued task is not really completed, how much to complete, this is what the boss wants. So we do not look for any unpleasant results for their own excuse, because we want to do the results of things rather than the process of doing things, nor is the result of doing things.  
     Third, the good execution of thinking three: wolf thinking  
    On the wolf thinking, many companies are concerned about this, and some companies to build a wolf team also paid a certain effort. Ma teacher in the classroom focused on a "survival of the fittest" story. Animal world of the jungle is the instinct of animals, and in today's tide of the market, the fierce competition in the enterprise is not out of the instinct of the enterprise? The upper echelons of a business should always consider how the business based on how to develop, a business manager he always want to consider how to lead the team to survive, all conducive to enterprise development system and standards should be accepted and implemented by all staff. At present, enterprises are considering how to better operate the elimination and supervision mechanism, so that those who have the talent can be important to the enterprise, although our inspection and supervision mechanism is not very sound, in practice may appear to cope with errands and popularity Good or bad interference, but at least this supervision and inspection will force employees to have a nervous state of mind, there is a competitive state of mind, as the arena, a person may not run a good run, if you find a Competitor, he will not help speed up the speed.
    Ma also talked about the importance of talent cultivation mechanism in the operation of the enterprise. With a very appropriate metaphor of the staff of the enterprise is divided into four categories: talented people known as the boutique business, should be reused; virtuous people are known as semi-finished products, semi-finished products can be developed later to be important ; No virtue no man who is known as waste, in the enterprise is determined to use; talented people who are not known as drugs, must double open. We can see that enterprises need to pay attention to the cultivation of talent, the need to develop the potential of talented employees for the effectiveness of enterprises.  
      Fourth, the high standards of strict management requirements of the penetration.
    High standard strict requirements Simple understanding is either do not do, do it first. Haier Group to come today, to gain a firm foothold in the world market, with his high standards of strict management requirements are inseparable. We all know Haier Group Square hit the refrigerator incident, was also made into a movie to do publicity, the shock of the relevant enterprises is indeed great, many companies have to follow the path of Haier, embarked on the ranks of the formal. To make the quality of all aspects of staff to a higher level, we must establish a set of high standards and strict management requirements.

    Fifth, the mentality of gratitude in the business execution of the key role.  
    Although Ma teacher will be grateful mentality on the last point, but I think that Thanksgiving mentality in the promotion of business execution has a crucial role. In the enterprise, we should be grateful to the company's leadership, although the work encountered in the unhappy will make you have some complaints and dissatisfaction, but you have not thought it is the company's leadership overtime, To the survival and development of enterprises, it is the leadership of the enterprise too much effort to pay the white hair in exchange for the staff of the monthly salary and bonus income, leadership than we think more, want deep, want to far, Of the whole, indeed he is in his own career for the development, and why not for your life building blocks?
    I think a person must have a grateful mentality, in order to have a positive work mentality, in order to better play the personal ability to work. Thanksgiving is the implementation of the most powerful and most lasting force, thanksgiving parents, Thanksgiving leadership, Thanksgiving staff ... ... know how grateful to pay really love, love to do work, work can be perfect, heart together, business can be strong.

Tour of Sanya in mid-January 2015

  • Tour of Sanya in mid-January 2015
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:02
  •         Jiangnan town of Wuzhen, Xitang trip is still memorable, in order to allow middle-level cadres to ease the work pressure, to promote mutual exchanges and stimulate work enthusiasm, the company once again organized the leading cadres and outstanding staff on January 14 Trip to Sanya five days tour. Sanya City is located in the southern tip of Hainan Province (Hainan Island), where the four seasons such as summer, can be described as three winter without frost and snow, four seasons flowers often in full bloom, known as "Oriental Hawaii," said.

            In the intense, busy work, there is such a chance to temporarily put down the hands of things, jump from the habit of living environment, came to China ranked four first-tier tourist city "three Wei Hang Ha," the first, also known as the "East Hawaii "Sanya enjoy the beautiful scenery of the island, a taste of the local few ethnic customs of the customs, so that everyone happy mood, to ease the long-term work pressure, in the beautiful environment, cultivate the mood, in the journey to increase the knowledge. Sanya people's hard-working, hard work, hard work deeply touched us, this spirit worthy of our study, carry forward, this trip, colleagues help each other, take care of each other, and further increase the communication opportunities, The feelings between each other, creating a harmonious team atmosphere. Enjoy such a rare spiritual holiday, we are very upset, feel very happy and relaxed. Travel return, we communicate with each other their own knowledge, feelings and joy, to travel colleagues also do not forget the hard work of colleagues and family members, Sanya's delicious souvenirs are brought back and colleagues, family members to share, believe that tourism Of the staff will be more full of enthusiasm, more energetic energy into the job, but also encourage those who can not travel to the Jialida family, for more people next year to better place to enjoy the nature of the better Scenery. Here's a direct look at the travel of everyone's photos it!




"This winter is not too cold" [to warm t

  • "This winter is not too cold" [to warm t
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:01
  •    (Water heater) in the low temperature hot water ground radiation heating system role; points, the water collector is composed of water separator and water collector combination of water flow distribution and collection device. Usually in the ground heating area, the need for large area subdivision into a small block control, or a set of residential, there are multiple functional rooms, need to be controlled separately. At the same time, the floor heating system is affected by the hydraulic characteristics, the warm coil is limited to a certain length. This requires the same ground heating area or the same set of residential heating room is divided into multiple loops, and each loop and need to be shut down or flow adjustment.
        Points, the water collector http://www.chjld.com in the low temperature hot water ground radiation heating system plays such a role. It is the first side of the heating pipe water according to the needs of the building heating distribution, to ensure that the regional branch loop flow to meet the heating load needs. At the same time, but also the branch of the flow of water collection, and input heating back to the main pipe to achieve the cycle of operation. On the other hand, due to the various functional areas of the building (room) need to heat on demand. In order to facilitate the regulation and control, the water separator and the collector of the branch loop configuration of the valve, the valve to bear the flow distribution and regulation tasks. The warm structure system is buried buried heating end, most of its structure is buried in the concrete structure layer, only sub-catchment exposed on the outside. As a key component of floor heating control, its role is very important.

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CCTV rumor to warm

  • CCTV rumor to warm
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:01
  • CCTV rumor to warm The

        In today's China's economic market, layoffs seem to be an infectious disease, circulated in all walks of life. Even in the petrochemical, Vanke, IBM and other areas of the leaders are bursting of the layoffs of the news, and in the past has been a lot of talent is hard to find people (to warm) heating industry also began layoffs, indeed beyond everyone's accident The But there is a lot of reasons.

        Since the end of 2014 CCTV CCTV "focus interview" column reporter in the seventh China to warm the comfortable home design and construction contest finals during the interview to warm the industry-related leaders, experts, to clarify the network rumors to warm six major hazards, and then CCTV CCTV focus interview In the evening of March 21 officially broadcast, has been nearly six months time.

        In the past nearly a year, the warm people do not know how much saliva wasted to the customer to explain the warm no harm to the question, the heart of the pain and helpless only warm to know. It is conceivable that when the March 21 "focus interview" once broadcast, the whole warm industry are exploded, WeChat friends circle was screen, the network was scrapped. Some people say that CCTV CCTV to warm the name, playing a beautiful victory.


    However, after the joy, more is meditation. An unwritten rule corresponding to tell the entrepreneur how to do a warm company.

         First, to warm the industry first to self-discipline. Self-discipline is to warm the industry itself to self-discipline, the upstream manufacturers to achieve excellent product quality, integrators to standardize the construction, standardize the service, not to "bad guys" slander to warm up opportunities.

         Second, the cold and warm, a variety of end of the big convergence is the trend, competing products, brother products / industry is not necessary to engage in your life and death. According to the China Radiation Heating and Cooling Committee Network Department Director Zhang Kecheng interview with the focus of the column revealed that the incident may be due to the spread of individual products caused by malicious business, but we also note that the network is similar to competing products without science According to the non-standard transmission there are many. In the owners, distribution integrators have to accept the trend of large convergence, the upstream manufacturers should be more inclusive, or expand the business unit.


    Third, to warm the industry to promote their own norms. For example, a few days ago China Daily Network has such a news, the title is "to warm non-toxic ... ...", unknown business owners read, but also thought to warm is toxic, look at its guide, "warm gradually popular Produced ... ... ", your floor itself is not up to formaldehyde, can be strange to warm it? If some people with ulterior motives to be used, maybe it will breed right and wrong.

        Fourth, the media's guidance and dissemination is essential, but need to be more professional. The incident was alarmed CCTV, and even become one of the 10 rumors in 2014, and the media widely spread inseparable. Carefully explore, you will find some home improvement, real estate media is the source, warm cube called the media counterparts, communication must be rigorous, or ruined a good industry ah.

        Fifth, WeChat is not awe-inspiring, industry experts and the media to promptly clarify which the letter. China Radiation Heating Committee Committee Director of the Department of Network Zhang Kecheng said: WeChat on the information do not believe, have self-tolerance! To this end, warm cube called on experts and media colleagues, common purification industry, fake rumors, against false information.

        So now the warm industry appears to lay off the phenomenon and the relationship between these iron, compared to the self-evident.

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