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How to use [to warm the water separator] in order

  • How to use [to warm the water separator] in order
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:10
  • After the end of the annual heating period, the boiler pipe water in the warm pipe network should be discharged. Because the boiler pipe water contains a lot of slime, impurities, rust and other small particles, water turbidity, and geothermal pipe network inside the very small, such as the boiler stop gas, the pump stops running, the original sewage impurities, will stay in the pipe network Up to 7 months, and the water containing calcium, magnesium, salt and other material precipitation will produce a hard scale hanging on the inner wall of the geothermal pipe network, bending more serious, even by pressurized water is not washed out The Long-term scaling will not clear the flow will be reduced, poor water flow, lower heat radiation value, resulting in pipe network blockage, can not be cleaned, the entire warm pipe network will be scrapped.

    Moreover, the use of heating is different from ordinary heating
    First, the first run should be gradually injected into the hot water for the first time to start the geothermal, in the hot water, the first half of the open water heater water supply total loop valve, the hot water temperature gradually increased into the pipeline cycle. Check the water separator interface with or without the same, and one by one to open the sub-valve to open the water.如有To warm the water separatorAnd pipeline leakage should be promptly closed for the return of the water supply valve and timely contact with developers or geothermal companies.

    Second, the first way to run the exhaust method has said
    During the first run of the ground warm, due to the pressure and water resistance in the pipeline is easy to produce air plug, resulting in water supply is not recycled, the temperature is not equal, should be done by road exhaust. Method is: turn off the heating of the total return valve and the loop control valve, first open the water separator on a control valve, and then open the warm water separator on the back of the exhaust valve exhaust, after the exhaust air And then close the valve, while opening the next valve. And so on, each way the air is drained and then all the valves open, the system is running.
    Again, the outlet pipe should not heat the filter.

    Each oneTo warm the water separatorBefore the are equipped with a filter, when the water is too much impurities, it is necessary to clean up the filter. When the filter is too much impurities, there will be a water pipe is not hot, hot and not hot and so on, usually a year to clean a filter. Method is to close all the valves on the warm water separator, use the live wrench counterclockwise to open the filter cover, remove the filter for cleaning, after cleaning the original installed on the back. Open the valve, the geothermal system can work properly. If the temperature is less than 0 ℃ when the temperature is below 0 ℃, it is recommended that the user should drain the water in the geothermal coil to prevent the freezing of the pipeline.

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[Mixed water device] to the warm system is essenti

  • [Mixed water device] to the warm system is essenti
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:09
  • [Mixed water device] to the warm system is essential


    The mixing device is mainly used for warm and high-temperature water supply system, regardless of what kind of structure of the mixed water cooling system are used to warm the heat after the low temperature backwater and high temperature water mixed to provide the appropriate temperature of the heating water, compared with other cooling methods With a simple, convenient, energy saving, temperature stability of the outstanding advantages, so get a wide range of applications.

    To warm the mixing device features and advantages:

    1, to warm the mixing device using speed control mute circulation pump and silent automatic valve, long life, not disturb the people.

    2, temperature control switch can be accurate, sensitive and reliable control system automatically constant temperature continuous water supply, water supply interruption or water temperature is lower than the design of the water supply temperature automatically shut down the pump.

    3, continuous constant temperature water supply can reduce the impurities in the pipeline of water deposition and gas accumulation, eliminating the obstacles caused by air resistance and congestion, extended to warm the service life.

    4, due to the mixing device with automatic opening and closing, overheating and low protection and other functions, unattended operation conditions to provide a certain operating conditions.


    5, economic energy saving, saving heat transfer stations, the cycle of energy conservation, the use of changes in water temperature intermittent work, reducing operating costs.

    6, differential pressure bypass valve, balance system pressure.

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"Warmth" [geothermal water separator] to

  • "Warmth" [geothermal water separator] to
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:08
  • "Warmth" [geothermal water separator] to take home home
    Geothermal water separator is the control center of the whole room geothermal heating, it has the function of shunt partial pressure, when the heat into the room after the multi-functional filter into the manifold main bar, this part of the filter filter heat Medium impurities to prevent impurities into the underground pipe network blocking the pipeline. The main bar is the level of installation, so the use of the same height, the principle of equal pressure, so that the heat distribution was evenly distributed to the branch road, the heat exchange system, the branch flow back to the water back to the main bar, Heating system. In addition, in the self-heating with a mixing device, that is after the heat exchange, the heat medium (water) temperature is still high, after the mixing system, and then into the manifold main bar to continue the cycle, so in the heating While saving energy.

    Geothermal water separator use skills:
    First, the water divider can be divided into each room or area of the water supply flow, such as: the water separator on any way through the core valve closed half, then the water heating room temperature will be reduced.
    Second, the manual discharge valve on the water, in the winter heating, such as the emergence of poor heating, gas and other phenomena, the user can use the exhaust device to manually warm the gas in the pipeline to ensure that the normal flow of hot water The
    Third, the filter on the front of the filter, the user during the annual heating or regular or irregular filter will be removed at the bottom of the filter after cleaning to install, to ensure that the water inside the clean. After the heating, the application of water for pipe network rinse.
    Fourth, if the long-term is not at home, the total amount of water can be used to adjust the amount of circulating water, do not all closed. In the whole winter if the room is not heating, should be the tube of water blowing.

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The company organizes staff to carry out fire dril

  • The company organizes staff to carry out fire dril
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:07
  • "Hum ooo ... ..." November 22, 2014 afternoon, a burst of rapid fire alarm to break the company's quiet, then, the office staff quickly and orderly evacuation of office space, flock to the factory outside the assembly ground. This is not really a fire, but the company in order to strengthen staff awareness of fire safety, improve the staff in the event of a fire can be safely evacuated and organize the ability to save, organize fire drills.

      The fire drill, from the exercise planning, pre-preparation, organization and implementation to the formal exercise of all stages, the company's leadership has attached great importance to the company set up a fire drill group, by the person on-site command.

      Through the fire drill, to further strengthen the company's staff awareness of fire and distress self-help ability, while the company will also be found from the exercise deficiencies, continuous improvement, and strive to improve staff emergency rescue skills and emergency response to the overall quality, effectively put an end to accident hazards, Reduce the loss of accidents, to ensure the company safe, stable and orderly development.

Leader of the Technical Supervision Bureau visit

  • Leader of the Technical Supervision Bureau visit
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:06
  • November 21, 2014, the technical supervision of the delegation of six people to visit our company, the company chairman Mr. Li Yunhai warm reception of the delegation and his party. During the talks, Lee briefed the company in recent years, product development, market development and other related information, talk to the development of the industry, detailing the current Jialida company's production capacity, product quality and so on.

    During the period, the delegation visited the company's production site and product exhibition hall, technical supervision bureau leadership of my company's production qualification, the scale of development to give a higher rating, and said the quality of our products have full confidence and encourage the company to maintain Its own advantages, relying on technological innovation, and continuously enhance the output value of production capacity.

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