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Jialida First Sports Festival - Tug of War

  • Jialida First Sports Festival - Tug of War
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:15
  •  For the grand celebration of the company 8 anniversary, and actively carry out staff fitness activities, rich staff amateur cultural life, cultivate the spirit of unity and cooperation of all employees, to show the company staff positive and progressive spirit, according to the company series celebration activities leading group arrangements, Morning, held in front of the plant and the first sports art tug of war. The competition attracted the active participation of all the staff, from the company's various units of the eight teams a total of more than 100 employees participated in the competition, the company leadership team members play an exemplary role, and actively with the front-line production staff to participate in the team, to participate in activities The Tug of war, the whistle bursts, cheering constantly, after intense competition, lions, war god team, the strength team on behalf of the team was tug of the first, second and third. The team team full of energy, courageously fighting, race style, race level.


    Through the activities carried out, the company employees in the spare time to relax the mood, cultivate the sentiment. The team united up, not outdated, proactive good style, fully demonstrated the good spirit of the staff of the company.

      After the game, the company's general manager Chen made a warm message, she said: Today we are here for the 8th anniversary of the first sports arts festival tug of war, the purpose is to let all the workers in the busy busy work Rich and colorful cultural and sports activities rich amateur cultural life, strong physique, cultivate sentiment, glow everyone unite and struggle, the courage to first of all passion, with more full enthusiasm to join in the safety and quality of service and energy saving work; the same time, enhance the corporate team spirit , Show the vitality of corporate culture. She hoped that all employees in the company under the correct leadership, closely around the company's goals, cherish the job, hard work; pioneering and innovative, advancing with the times; people bent, worked hard to meet the challenges of 100 times to tough To accept the test, I was the owner of the responsibility of Jialida to build China's HVAC industry's first brand to make new and greater contributions.

"China Radiant Heating and Cooling Committee&

  • "China Radiant Heating and Cooling Committee&
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:15

    December 22, China Radiation Heating Committee Chairman and friends and his party and his party to visit the headquarters of the visit to the headquarters, Jie Li Da, chairman of Li Yunhai, general manager accompanied by Chen Haihuan visit.



"Thanksgiving 2014, soaring 2015" Jialid

  • "Thanksgiving 2014, soaring 2015" Jialid
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:15
  • Harmony with the new movement, draw a good future ambitious. Warmly celebrate Zhejiang Jie Lida management industry "Thanksgiving 2014, soaring 2015" the first annual meeting of a complete success.

    December 31, 2014, Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. "Thanksgiving 2014, soaring 2015" theme annual meeting in the ball business hotel was held.

    With the three host's wonderful opening, opened the company's 2014 annual meeting of the prelude. Mr. Li Yunhai, Chairman of the Board, Ms. Chen Haihuan, General Manager of the Company, Mr. Qiu Yongquan, Chairman of Jiuhao Group and Mr. Cao Weizhong, General Manager of Longyu Pipe Industry, also came to the meeting site, and the cries and applause Sounded. The opening guests together to watch the benefits of eight years of wind and rain achievements of the brand mentality PPT. In this eight years, Jie Lida will be a simple thing to do the ultimate, play a striking power, in the past eight years, Jie Lida with a firm and sincere access to the trust of thousands of users, but also won the move With respect.

    Then Li Dong around the "memories of the past, Thanksgiving now, look to the future" for the annual meeting of the speech, expressed the company employees, suppliers and customer representatives of the blessing and thanks, although the words are not many, but sentence thought-provoking, Thoughtful

    The next year will be officially started, the lights fade, the screen lights up, first of all to bring the production sector is ready to produce the elite report, at the meeting, the head of each department reported the various departments in 2014 The work of the situation and plans for next year; followed by the host in full swing to read the list of employees in 2014 to receive awards, by you came to accept the award. The company all the staff for the award-winning staff presented the most sincere wishes and the most enthusiastic applause.


    Wonderful program to continue, the production department to bring the program "tomorrow will be better", in the beautiful song, we seem to be full of expectations for the future; the atmosphere of active "little apple", it is brought a wave of applause; The hands of the handsome beauty for everyone to bring the "true hero", then detonated the audience's high point; building-controlled beauty solo "Lotus Pond Moonlight", can not help people as if exposure to nature; followed by sales Department of the elite for everyone to bring the "forward", meaning the company's sales in 2015 to move forward, red, red, red! Product quality is the fundamental enterprise, by the workshop director, quality control department to bring the comedy "quality storm", thought-provoking.



    The most exciting than Li Dong and Chen brought the poetry recitation "Thanksgiving heart, thanks you - to our hearts Jie Lida", just in the past 2014, this is the "Jie Lida" Eight golden years, has quietly painted a full stop, but she brought us all "Jie Lida" people, too many warm memories, too much joy of the harvest, too touching warm ... ... let us Thanksgiving our Colleagues, let us thanks to our customers, so that we are grateful to our family, let us Thanksgiving our leadership, this way around the eight years of the journey is that you use the trust, in exchange for the performance and honor of Jialida.

    During the period of Chen, the idea of giving back to the community, let us gather together, held the "Jie Lida love Foundation," the launching ceremony, the appointment of Li Donghai director for the vice president, as the Secretary for the Secretary-General, by Wang Zhan imitation, Ding Hua Jiao, Zhang Yuying, Shi Jianbo, Liu Chengjian composed of five members, the members are the company's high-level core team, care subordinates, close to subordinates, love as the first virtue of Jelida, so pass love, heritage love! Love will be grateful! The establishment of the "Jie Lida Love Foundation" is to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force, truly reflect the company "love business enterprises, care for employees, pass love" humanistic philosophy, effectively promote the mutual cooperation between employees and team spirit , In the company to build a love platform, cultivate love culture, promote love action, the company difficult to get care and help. At the same time for the broad promotion of love funds, norms and a clear love fund management, the use of supervision, give full play to the functions of the Fund, a special set of Jiefa love fund management approach. Dear friends, by the roses, hand fragrance; share the storm, share the sun; dedication love, harvest hope; today you help others, tomorrow you may need someone else's help.


    Finally, by the sales director, technical director for the guests to bring the guests to the song "similar Jie Lida", similar to the silver moonlight, similar to the warm feelings, come Come on, 2015, the heart meet each other, similar to year after year, let us embrace each other's dreams!

    The annual meeting of the company brought various forms of different, people dizzying performances, dance, singing, essays and so on. These not only bring joy to everyone but also make the hearts of colleagues closer to each other. Third prize by the dragon over the management of the total extraction of Cao, second prize by the customer on behalf of the total withdrawal of gold, with the third prize, the second prize of the extraction of the upsurge of the annual meeting. The following are the same as the "
            And finally to the first prize of the moment, by the Jiuhao Qiu Qiu total draw from the draw box out of the first prize: "planning man, Jiang Yani", the most fortunate tonight produced! Prizes but an ipad, first prize is really attractive!


    Dinner, the company invited guests are eager, really bustling. Mr. Qiu Yongquan, Chairman of Jiuhao Group, and Mr. Cao Weizhong, General Manager of Longyue Pipe Industry, also presented the applause for the annual meeting of Jie Lida.



    Here the company 2014 annual meeting came to an end. Farewell to the fruitful 2014, to meet the more challenging 2015, each of our Jialida family full of confidence, I believe in the company under the guidance of the correct leadership, Jialida 2015 will be more exciting! Until next year, we will gather together when the Jedi, here must be war flag hunting, glowing sky!

New Year's Day 2015 Happy Tour

  • New Year's Day 2015 Happy Tour
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:15
  • Meet New Year's Day, happy to share with you. In order to increase the festive atmosphere, enrich the cultural life of all the staff, happy to meet the arrival of the New Year, January 1, 2015, under the leadership of the company, the company organized the New Year's Day "Wuzhen * Xitang" day tour activities.

    Early in the morning Jialida family members early in the company at the door of the collection, the Ministry of Business Administration of the Minister asked a little bit out of the play you want to pay attention to the matter, always want to be a civilized person. Then the bus company's bus arrived, we neatly and orderly on the car after the sun in early to meet the 2015, enjoy the beauty of the way, carrying a car full of laughter to the first station Xitang into the.

    After about 2 hours drive we arrived at the first stop ------ Wuzhen. Wuzhen is a town with a history of 1300 years to build the town of Jiangnan. Cross the river within the river system will be divided into four sections of the southeast, the locals were called "East Gate, South Gate, West Gate, North Gate." We get the tour guide to our votes after the start of their own interest in their own play myself. Wuzhen, like many Jiangnan town, there are narrow rivers through the town, there are booms and built by the simple houses, there are Wu Peng boat leisurely in the river on the swing, there are alley deep curl smoke, there are Peasant woman in the river to the stone steps on the wash ... ... and different from the other town of Jiangnan, Wuzhen less commercial atmosphere, more, is a cultural atmosphere, which stems from where the King, where people, Where the culture.

    Walking in the town of Wuzhen on the road, enjoy the scenery here, where people, where the culture, not help by the Millennium town attracted. Wuzhen water is very green, like a green emerald to the town wrapped around. Water is always a constant theme of the town of Jiangnan. Long flowing with the living line of the residents of the river, the water carrying their hopes, carrying their simple flow to the farther place. Water is also the main lifeline of their lives, relying on water, shaking Umbrella Wuzhen specialties shipped to the outside.



    Saying that cheerful time is always passing fast, the next station Jie Lida family came to be called "life of the Millennium town" "the most beautiful Jiangnan Water Village" ------ Xitang. In the roadside snack, sitting like a bench, watching the roadside visitors come and go. Then we visited the Xitang shop together, to feel the atmosphere under the store and unique. Went to the stone skin to get, that mottled brick white walls, long stone steps alley, like a deep as long as the thoughts. Standing on the bridge Yongning, Yuanwang shore on both sides of the water looks like, looking at a ship carrying a boat of the Wu Peng boat under the bridge and the waves rippling.

    The night falls and the red lanterns on both sides of the river are lit. People along the river, sitting in the river cool, experience the water of the people at night. Rare country night, a rare side of the colleagues, sitting together on the pod boat, watching the river lights and pedestrians, breathing the water cool air. With the oars in the green water poke, the pod boat shuttle in the water, sitting on the side, looking in the eyes, in mind.
    We walked together through the famous Xitang, one night to the very busy bar Street, listening to the noise of music, looking for people looking for different styles or three or five together, or cheering.

    Happy day so passed, we all have a very dedicated. Look forward to the next trip with Jolida family!



January 23, 2015 Provincial Propaganda Committee a

  • January 23, 2015 Provincial Propaganda Committee a
  • 2017-02-23 18:02:15
  •    January 23, 2015 by the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Provincial Civilization Office, the provincial association, Shaoxing City Civilization Office, Shaoxing City Market Management Bureau, Zhuji City Market Management Bureau, the store market management branch of the provincial "integrity business "Evaluation of the delegation to visit Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. to conduct on-site inspection guidance. This trip is the delegation in Zhejiang Province, small and medium enterprises "good faith" in the evaluation of an important station. Mr. Li Yunhai, Chairman of Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Donghai, Director of the Company, and Mr. Fang Zhiru, Minister of Enterprise Management, attended the meeting.
    During the meeting room of Zhejiang JieLiDa Pipe Industry Co., Ltd., Mr. Li Yunhai, chairman of the company, listened to the introduction and development of the company, fully affirmed Li Dong's operating principles and development concepts, and pointed out that as a Enterprises to develop, can not do without the support of the community, inseparable from the public recognition, but also inseparable from their own honest and trustworthy.

    Mr. Li Yunhai, chairman of the "integrity" to make an interpretation, Li Yunhai, chairman of the board, said: "personal conduct determines the quality of the product, the staff, we have made a statement, made it imperative, no arrears of wages, staff quarters air conditioning , Water heater, TV, bathroom is no shortage of all, pay attention to the staff of amateur life, there are billiards, table tennis, etc., also set up a clean profit football team, the company also actively organize staff activities, this year there are tug of war, annual meeting, Wuzhen tourism Sanya tourism, etc .; on the supplier never arrears payment, on time reconciliation, regular payment, each year to sign the contract; to customers, and resolutely fulfill the contract delivery, the quality of the guests raised the first time to deal with, do not value immediate benefits , Pay more attention to long-term cooperation, 'keep the promise, no excuse, absolutely obey, never give up.' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' '' Affirmed the company's core values and corporate style.

       Provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department of the delegation successfully concluded in Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. inspection, but also wish Jialida Pipe Co., Ltd. better and better, more and more strong.
         Finally, Mr. Li Yunhai, chairman of the delegation of the arrival of the delegation expressed his heartfelt thanks, and said that the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, Provincial Civilization Office, under the guidance of the Association, will be "honest business" for the purpose of Business to do more and more prosperous!


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