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With the [LCD thermostat] to "hot and cold al

  • With the [LCD thermostat] to "hot and cold al
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:43
  • Thermostat (liquid crystal thermostat) is based on the working environment of the temperature changes in the internal physical deformation of the switch, resulting in some special effects, resulting in conduction or disconnection of a series of automatic control components.

        Summer, air conditioning is the people's favorite, because the use of air conditioning cooling, the most efficient, it will not be the same as the fan directly to the wind blowing on the skin, but to change the temperature of the sealed space, very comfortable. However, air-conditioning power consumption amazing, an ordinary 1.5P air conditioning cooling power between 1000-1600W, if the minimum power of 1000W, one night using 6 hours, the power consumption of 6 degrees, according to electricity 1 yuan / kWh To count, open air conditioning sleep at least 6 yuan / night. So to count the words, our hair grandfather unknowingly disappeared. Now, the temperature control through research and development to improve, more intelligent design, can be unmanaged conditions, according to the surrounding environment automatically change the switching equipment, effectively save us a lot of electricity.

        Thermostat http://www.chjld.com/index.php?s=/products/show/pid/53.html The continuous improvement of the market has brought a new comfortable environment to our life, effectively changing the our life. Promote the implementation of our concept of healthy and environmentally friendly life.

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[To warm the water separator] check, warm winter y

  • [To warm the water separator] check, warm winter y
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:43
  • After the completion of the installation of warm, in the latter part of the use of the same process there are many considerations, only the correct use and maintenance, in order to make the warm to maintain a good use of state and extend the service life.

    1, to warm the pipe cleaning problem
    Usually plumbing in the use of 3-5 years after the need to do a cleaning, especially the central heating to warm the user, because the main channel is not pure water in the cycle, so there will be impurities attached to the warm wall, the scale of the possibility of a long time It will affect the indoor heating effect, then it is necessary to warm the ground to do a cleaning.

    2, to warm the water separator valve cleaning
    At the beginning of the annual heating period, it is recommended to clean the water separator and the above filters and valves to ensure that the water pipes are cleaned and prevent the piping from clogging. Clean the method: first close the inlet and outlet valves connected to the main pipe and then open the filter Equipment, remove the filter and clean, check the warm water separator filter with or without damage, plug, if damaged should be replaced with the same specifications of the filter, to be checked without problems after the original method to install back.

      3, control the water temperature
    Floor heating is a low-temperature operation, whether it is central heating or household heating system to be warm to the water temperature control within 60 ℃, the water temperature is too high to the impact of the life of the heating pipe, the water temperature is too low may not meet the heating needs, Every winter in the opening to warm the system, we must strictly in accordance with the provisions of the heating process cycle, can not step up in place.
    4, on the drainage
    When the home long-term uninhabited, indoor below 5 ℃, it is recommended to warm the water in the pipeline to prevent the pipeline caused by unnecessary losses caused by freezing.

     5, security protection
    Whether it is the second renovation or is being used to warm the user, in daily life should pay attention to prohibit smashing, knock on the ground, is strictly prohibited in the ground wedge any sharp objects to prevent damage to underground pipes. Only to maintain a good use and maintenance habits, in order to make your warm and more efficient and energy efficient, so you enjoy a more warm winter.

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[Geothermal water separator] switch how to use it?

  • [Geothermal water separator] switch how to use it?
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:43
  • Geothermal water separator switch is the entire indoor geothermal heating control center, to warm the main water pipe is sent from the main channel of hot water or hot steam into a number of sub-pipeline to each room of a shunt device, the user can according to their needs Adjust the temperature of the room, we can see the use of geothermal water separator switch is very important. In general, geothermal water separator is divided into two types of ordinary and intelligent, respectively, look at the following two kinds of geothermal water separator use.

         Before understanding the use of these two geothermal water separator, first look at the ordinary type and intelligent geothermal water separator What is the difference. Common type of water diversion pipe of the control valve needs man-made control, the need for artificial control to open and close, and intelligent splitter it is open and closed by electronic equipment control.

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[Zhuji water separator] manufacturers to introduce

  • [Zhuji water separator] manufacturers to introduce
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:42
  • As a well-known supplier of sub-catchment (Zhuji Diversion), we have long-term operation of the product quality and reliable, excellent performance, the majority of users are recognized by the following Xiaobian for friends to introduce the next sub-collector structure.

    (A), with high precision CNC lathe production spool, concentricity, wear. Standard flow meter, automatic exhaust valve, drainage valve and other important components.

    (2), the use of hot extrusion copper plating nickel, corrosion resistance, pressure and strong ability to install the stent thick, flexible joint fittings, easy installation and maintenance, solid, greatly improving the product life and reliability The

    (3), sub-water http://www.chjld.com/index.php?s=/products/show/pid/68.html pipe water return can be adjusted, and can be installed in the branch of the installation of electric Temperature controller, geothermal thermostat, you can easily achieve intelligent control of the district.Other import brands are also integrated sub-catchment, the function is not much difference.

    Above is the sub-catchment http://www.chjld.com/index.php?s=/products/show/pid/68.html related knowledge, we hope to help.If the majority of customers need, Please call the consultation, I wholeheartedly for the majority of customer service!

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[Zhuji water separator] save money and worry more

  • [Zhuji water separator] save money and worry more
  • 2017-02-23 19:02:41
  • Zhuji water separator use method

        1. Water divider can be divided into the control of each room or district heating temperature, the user can adjust the room according to their own temperature (see the installation of the company to provide geothermal heating road map)

        2. Water dispenser manual exhaust valve, the user can own the pipeline of gas discharge, in order to ensure the heating temperature of the pipeline.

        3. Water Separator http://www.chjld.com/index.php?s=/products/show/pid/68.html There is a filter on the front end where the user periodically or irregularly applies the filter during the annual heating The bottom of the filter removed after cleaning installed to ensure that the water inside the clean. After the heating, the application of water for pipe network rinse.

        4. At the beginning of the heating, the temperature will not be felt immediately within 12 hours. During this period, the concrete floor of the floor is gradually heated, and the heat is stored. After 2-4 days, the design temperature can be reached. Such as the user's own heating water temperature should not exceed 65 ℃.

        5. If you are not at home for a long time, you can use the total volume of the water separator will be small, do not all closed. In the whole winter if the room is not heating, should be the tube of water blowing, so as not to freeze the pipeline and water separator.

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