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What should you pay attention to when installing a

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Zhejiang Jie Lida Pipe Co., Ltd. will bring us what water separator, sub-catchment, to warm the water heater knowledge? Take a look at the following: 1, to warm the installation of the water heater must be qualified by the relevant professionals, after installation according to the standard requirements of the test pressure, and commissioned. 2, to warm the water separator to use a special fixed pieces, firmly fixed on the wall. 3, the pipeline to be installed back to the water should have sufficient position accuracy, forced connection to the coaxial deviation or deviation from the excessive deviation of the pipeline will produce excessive assembly stress, so that the warm water heater failure or damage. 4, sub-sump installation should be installed in the heating pipe before installation, but also in the laying of the pipeline filled with fine stone concrete with the valve, water meter installed together. Must be straight and firm, in the fine stone concrete before filling the need for water pressure test. 5, pipe thread connected to the valve, the installation should be tightened when the screw side of the hexagonal or octagonal parts of the thread, the wrench can not be directly applied to the shell. 6, when the level of installation, the ground will be installed in the warm water collector, the collector installed in the next, the center should be 200mm, the center of the collector from the ground for the 400mm. 7, should control the access to the warm water pipe end of the other parts of the size of the external thread, should avoid the use of unqualified or excessive tolerance of the product to match the product, so as not to cause damage caused by tough construction. 8, the heating pipe out of the ground to the floor of the warm water separator, the collector connection, the elbow part of the floor must not reveal the floor, heating pipe out of the ground using metal bending. Heating pipe out of the ground to the floor of the warm water collector, the lower part of the water pipe between the clear tube pipe, the external should be installed plastic casing (usually plus PVC PVC plastic pipe). Casing should be higher than the decorative surface 150-200mm. 9, to warm the pipe in the debris will increase the water resistance, while breaking the valve and pipe seal, so the import of pipe should be installed in the filter. Adjust the type of valve and automatic valve installation, but also in the installation before carefully read its instructions, according to the requirements of debugging. 10, heating pipe and sub-catchment of the siphon valve connection, should be used for special card sets of connectors or clamping fittings. 11, the butterfly valve and ball valve, too large closing speed will produce water hammer effect, so that the valve moment of pressure increased several times, may damage the pipe and valve, must pay attention. 12, to warm the installation of water after the installation of things to cover the side of the decoration when dirty. 13, the pipeline pressure or temperature fluctuations will reduce the valve and pipe life, should try to avoid. 14, after the completion of the installation of the system in the floor to the water heater with a label on the branch to indicate the direction of the branch. Winter heating facilities are increasingly becoming the main items of consumer decoration considerations, household heating era quietly coming, more and more consumers are looking more humane, more cost-effective, lower energy consumption to warm the warm water heater system heating Way, and the key to achieving consumer demand is to provide professional heating solutions, rather than simply eat big pot.

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